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8 Inventive Ways to Make You Forget You Have a Tiny Bedroom

Your bedroom is the one room in your home that should feel like no other. It’s a place for relaxing and unwinding from a long and stressful day. For most people, their bedrooms are their sanctuaries. Bu what if you feel like your bedroom is too small to feel relaxed in and it’s making you feel uncomfortable?

Even if you have the smallest bedroom, you can make it more functional and even look bigger that you’ll forget you have a tiny bedroom. There are a lot of inventive ways to turn your bedroom into a perfect, comfortable room. Here’s how:

  1. Install built-in shelving.

Adding shallow built-in shelving not only provides you with a nice storage, it also helps maintain your floor space. The most important thing when working with smaller spaces is to show your floor space. The more floor space is shown, the bigger the room will appear.

There’s one thing to keep in mind though when choosing built-in shelving for your room, the shelving should not be more than 12 inches deep. One way to make your ceiling look higher if you go with built-ins in your room is to take them all the way to the ceiling. To create a layering and depth, you can paint the back wall with a contrasting color.

built-in shelving

  1. Let the natural light in and install additional lighting.

Though you must avoid blocking natural light if you have a tiny bedroom, the only place where you can best put your bed is right in front of the window. To let the sunlight in and make the most of it, a see-through headboard is an excellent option.

If you have small and narrow windows, they do not give you much natural light. To bring in more natural light, simply add mirrors to either side of the window frame. This will also make your window look larger.

Even a smaller room can look elegant and stylish by mounting lights to the walls or adding lots of attractive artificial lighting like hanging light fixtures, sconces, and lamps. Try adding several lighting elements in every small room in the house.

install additional lighting

  1. Use mirrored closet doors to reflect light and space.

Just like pinstripe pants can make your legs seem longer, using a mirror can make your room’s square footage look larger. This is a very popular trick that’s been used for many years. Mirrored closet doors not only give you more storage for your clothing; it also adds in more light and reflected space.

 mirrored closet doors to reflect light and space

  1. Use a daybed.

The usual bed can takeover your room’s space. One excellent option is to use a daybed to help create the illusion that the room is more of a small sitting area. Some daybeds also provide additional storage that’s built-in underneath.


  1. Paint the ceiling.

Paint your ceiling with the same shade as your walls. This could help eliminate the shadow lines that visually define a space. If you have a white ceiling and a dark-colored wall, it will make your space look smaller.

The human eye can easily detect the size of the room. If your walls and the ceiling have the same color or shade, it will make your room look bigger because your eye is having a hard time telling where the room’s parameters start and end.

Paint the ceiling

  1. Don’t use bulky lamps or oversize shades.

Bulky lamps or oversize shades may be taking up your bedside table space. Installing hanging pendant lighting is an excellent option because it saves you more space. There’s one thing to bear in mind before installing hanging pendants. Make sure to measure and hang them low so you won’t have to get up from bed just to switch them on or turn them off.

bulky lamps or oversize shades

  1. Place tall pieces of furniture in the far corner of the room.

Placing tall pieces of light-colored furniture in the far corner of your room will draw your vision back, making the room look larger. If you have a great piece of artwork, place it above your bed and draw the eye away from the rest of your room.

You can also place an antique armoire or a wall mural to create a unique focal point. Use your imagination to emphasize the positive about your room and remove the emphasis from its small nature.

furniture in the far corner of the room

  1. Use wall shelves instead of a nightstand.

Using a nightstand can take up too much floor space and if you have a big bed, you will no longer have space where you can place your alarm clock, book, phone, and other essentials. Using a wall shelf instead of a nightstand not only provides you with more storage; it can give your room extra floor space.

Having a small bedroom can be a challenge but it can also feel comfortable and unique once you incorporate these ideas. You’ll see how your bedroom will instantly feel more livable as opposed to feeling cold, cramped, and uncomfortable.

Do you have a home with smaller bedrooms? What trick did you use for making the most of the small space?

wall shelves


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