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10 Outdated House Features You Should Consider Reviving

Some home design ideas and concepts are simply not made to last – they would come and it may seem like every single homeowner would want to become part of the bandwagon but sooner or later, their fame would sink into the deep abyss of design along with other long forgotten trends.

There are certain designs however that, for many years, decades and even centuries, are made part of many homes – whether it’s due to their practicality and the added functionality that they bring to the house or simply the aesthetic value that they contribute – and seem to have not lost their appeal to modern homeowners.

Here are ten outdated house features that should definitely once again become parts of any contemporary home:

1) Picture Rail Molding

This design was common among houses with delicate plaster walls. To avoid damage caused by hammering nails through to walls where artworks may be hung; homeowners would set a rail molding along the ceiling or beside windows where artworks could be hung through strings.


  • If you are positioning the rail along the ceiling, opt for one that’s the same color as the latter.
  • If you are positioning the rail at window level, install rails that have similar design as the window frames. The rail also creates a division along the walls – the upper and the lower parts with which you can incorporate different but complementary designs.
  • Consider hanging small artworks at different levels and mixing pieces in different frame shapes together.
  • Opt for a string color that blends or camouflages with the wall, or one that complements that wall design.
  • Pictures hanging through rail moldings also make creative focal points atop shelves, racks and side tables

Picture Rail Molding

2) Claw-foot Tubs

If you have sufficient space in your bathroom, a claw-foot tub definitely makes a beautiful addition, plus this stylish centerpiece offers a deeper soak if you are craving for a quiet and relaxing bath after a tiring day at work.


  • If you do not have enough space in your bathroom, why not create an outdoor bath house in your backyard? Just make sure that the vicinity is clear and your privacy is secured.
  • If you simply got your claw-foot tub from a yard sale, consider investing in porcelain paint to give it a new-old look and match the outer surface of the tub to your bathroom’s design.
  • Give your bathroom a more high-end traditional look by hiding the tub behind stylish shower curtains.
  • Find tub faucets that complement the former’s design.
  • Position the tub beside a large window featuring a beautiful view for natural lighting during the day. Just make sure it doesn’t face the rest of the neighborhood.

Claw-foot Tubs

3) Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions add character, architectural interest and beauty to a room. They can be placed above chandeliers where the patterns, which can range from simple symmetrical to intricate designs, can be emphasized when illuminated.


  • If you want one that specifically matches the design and theme of a room, consider having one hand painted
  • Surprisingly, these pieces also go well as wall designs.

Ceiling Medallion

4) Dutch Doors

Dutch doors were initially invented to keep animals out of a house while allowing fresh air in. Nowadays, these fixtures may still serve the same purposes and, in addition, contribute to your home’s unique, traditional look.


  • Keep an eye on your children and make sure that they stay put by installing a Dutch door in their bedroom or playroom.
  • Level up your door’s look by opting for a glass door design for the upper half and installing blinds.
  • Installing just the lower door also works for interior room divisions. This works well with kitchen-living room and kitchen-dining room settings, and gives a traditional Dutch bar-look.
  • These doors look great with brick frames if the room is ready for the concept.

Dutch Doors

5) Mail Slot

Even if everything seems to be quite electronic nowadays, and nobody really thinks that snail mail is still acceptable means of sharing information, there’s really nothing wrong with giving these pretty little main door-additions a chance. While they may end up rarely or actually never being used, they can surely free your door from a plain, dull look.

Throw in a brass knocker for a more traditional look. Just in case someone sends you a mail, like your utility company, why not install the mail slot through a wall instead? Install a catch or connect the slot to a cabinet inside the house to keep the mails organized and safe from your pets’ wrath.

 Mail Slot

6) Pocket Shutters

If your house happens to have thick walls, these interior shutters will definitely suit your home! These installations provide privacy, plus sufficient insulation and shade whenever the weather goes bad.

Pocket Shutters

7) Transom Windows

These glass panels positioned above doors admit natural light and induce air circulation. Transom windows also make the doorway look taller.


  • Besides the main door, these windows also work well with interior doors.
  • If you are looking for a more secure option, choose glass transom windows that can be hatched out and locked whenever you please.
  • If it suits the room’s design, opt for a stained glass-look. Choose a pattern that complements the room’s theme.

Transom Windows

8) Sleeping Porches

Sleeping porches are not only comfortable and beneficial to one’s health; it also gives a whole new meaning and functionality to your porch. This home addition can offer cool, fresh air, and is definitely energy-saving.


  • Install large sliding screened windows and low railings to stay safe from various external elements.
  • Opt for comfortable and water- and heat-resistant furnishings.
  • Include living room furniture pieces or opt for daybeds or swinging porch beds.
  • Add a ceiling fan for better air circulation and a lamp for sufficient lighting.
  • Opt for a nature-themed design, like cabin or beach concept.

Sleeping Porches

9) Intercoms

Nowadays, intercoms do not only serve communication and security purposes inside the house, although these two are among their most important functions; intercoms now have entertainment functions, like playing music throughout the house and making sure that everyone, everywhere would hear it – now that’s one awesome party!

House Intercoms

10) Laundry Chute

Ever been too lazy to bring your laundry downstairs in the laundry room that they end up hanging in your bedroom for too long, and you only notice when you have finally run out of clean clothes to wear? Like all the time, right? If you live in a multistory home, consider bringing pack these old home installations to your place. They are definitely convenient and can help in narrowing your tasks down.


  • Your laundry chute can double as a bench or chair.
  • Make sure there’s a laundry basket waiting for the laundry on the other end of the funnel.
  • Minimize space-use by installing the laundry chute through the wall.

Laundry Chute

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